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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vintage Movie Star Chic

I don't think I have mentioned this before but the sun is not and never has been my friend.  I am pale.  Very, very pale.  So when summer comes, I start the hat search.  It is nearly impossible to find hats that keep my delicate head covered and look normal.  There is just always something so dorky about summer hats.  Or maybe just on me.  This winter I became obsessed with knitting a turban.  I just wanted something different- I have a cloche, I knit a few slouchy berets.  So, after a short search, I found a vintage pattern on Ravelry.  I was very pleased with my knit turban, it is oh so very vintage movie star.  But now I need a warm weather head covering.  After many unsuccessful attempts at tying a scarf turban-like around my head, I began to wonder if I could sew one (stop laughing at me, 40!).  But then I found these on Urban Outfitters website:

You can buy them here.  See you at the beach!

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