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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inexpensive and Easy Martha Stewart Christmas Ornaments

Generally, I am a major procrastinator.  So I am very proud of myself for having started to think about Christmas before I have sat down to my Thanksgiving meal.  Now, I know for some of you I am late to the party.  And I have one thing to say to you people - OVER-ACHIEVERS!  Anyway, I have long admired Martha Stewart's Christmas ornaments, and for many years now have planned to make one or two of them.  Unfortunately, I tend to be more of a thinker and planner than an actual doer.  But this year, I have promised myself that I will make at least one ornament.  At first, I had set my sights on Martha's paperclay ornaments.  But, if I am honest with myself, they may be above my crafting ability/capacity.  So I was happy to stumble upon her button ornaments on her website.  Aren't they cute?

And they look easy enough that even the craft-impaired like me could whip a few out in an hour.  If you are interested, you can find the instructions here.

I am officially declaring that I will make at least one ornament this year.  Please don't hold me to this!


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