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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Morning Chuckle

10 year old son, D, to 40: "We learned about the reproductive system in school today."

40: "Oh?"

D: "Yeah, and I have a question."

40: "Uh huh?" (Fighting back panic.)

D: "So, I know that the boy has a cell and the girl has a cell and the boy pees out his cell and the boy and girl cells get together and make a baby."

40: "Okay...."

D: "But HOW do the cells get together?"

40, fighting an overwhelming urge to flee screaming from the room, calmly, and as vaguely as possible, explains to D how the boy and girl cells meet.

D: "That's GROSS!" Waits a beat. "You and Daddy did THAT?!?"

Love, 40

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