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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Challenge

I have a 2009 challenge for myself, too. I want to get my home organized and clean. I want it to be someplace I love living in. There are a few roadblocks in my way. The main one being that my home is small; really, REALLY small. I like to pretend that this is because I live in a major city and real estate is at a premium. Which is sort-of true. But I don't live in New York, Tokyo or London. I live in a second rate major city in a slightly shady neighborhood. But I love my second rate city and I love my neighborhood. I also love my apartment but sometimes I hate it.
Roadblock #2 is money. I don't have the money I need to make major changes to my home. Let's be honest here- if I had money, I would probably just move anyway.
But I like the challenge of small space living. I also really believe that it can be done and done well. If you don't believe me, check I am obsessed with it. It shows that small space living is not only a necessity depending on where you live, but can be a choice for some people. Let's pretend that's the case with me.
(and my apologies to the city I live in. I don't think you're second rate, it's just the word on the street.)

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