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Friday, January 7, 2011

You Know Me Too Well, 35!

In fact, I bought those glasses for myself last winter when I first saw them at Target.  But, true to form, I repeatedly washed the glasses in the dishwasher despite the label's clear instructions to not do so, and my glasses no longer wear the Stones logo.  So - perhaps I will make a trip to Target today (my third this week!) and buy myself another set of glasses, which set I may or may not put into the dishwasher.

As for my baby doll, she was very well taken care of, thank you very much.  She just looks like that because it was Christmas day, and she had had a long day of partying and had spent the previous night lying awake because she could not fall asleep under the tree.  Sure, she wasn't as well cared for as your dolls, but to imply that she was NEGLECTED is just cruel.

Love, 40 

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