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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Hair

I should have seen this coming.  With the Mad Men craze combined with the "no-wash" hair trend hitting all the beauty/fashion blogs and magazines, it was only a matter of time that hair was going to get big and retro.  Right? 
Well, I just looked through the August Anthropologie catalog.  It is, of course, beautiful.  And of course, I want everything in it.  You can view it here.  But more importantly, I think I am going to start wearing my hair like this:

  According to Anthropologie, this style goes with every outfit.  For example:
Sexy Secretary

and casual 

I think it will be possible to achieve this hairstyle because I have spent the better part of my summer perfecting my new "no-wash" style.  For some reason, I now get a sense of accomplishment in seeing how many days I can go without washing my hair.  Three?  Four??  Oooh, imagine the money I am saving on real shampoo!  Never mind that I have probably gone through ten cans of dry shampoo since I started this.  Note to those who are selling the no-wash hair trend by saying you save on shampoo: uh, no you don't.  And as my boyfriend so kindly pointed out, I may be saving my hair but I have poked a new hole in the ozone layer.  Anyway, all that aside- I have found that this is my favorite (and also the cheapest!) dry shampoo:
And, as an added bonus, it is sort of fun to say.  Try it- "pssssst!" 

And thank you, 40 for that lovely picture of MJ.  You know I love all references to him and Leos.  But I wonder if he is still a Leo now that they have "realigned" the signs?  Must look into that.......

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