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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me, Stacy, and Clinton on the Go with Psst!

Do you watch Stacy and Clinton?

This is what Stacy and Clinton would look like after seeing me on the street.

I must admit that I have become a little obssesed with Stacy and Clinton and What Not to Wear.  Their ability to dramatically transform the way a person looks by merely changing their wardrobe truly amazes me.  The hair and makeup is amazing, too, but Stacy and Clinton are able to make chubby women look thin, hip-heavy women look proportionate, women with boyish bodies look like they have hourglass shapes - you get my gist.  Anyway, the last few shows I have watched, Stacy and Clinton have referenced a style I have never heard of - mom on the go.  Now, their version of mom on the go is a little different from mine.  Their version does not include yoga pants, oversized t-shirts, or even gym shoes.  Nope, their version generally includes a cute dress (they love a microfiber wrap dress!), adorable shoes, an awesome bag, and a "completer piece", i.e. structured jacket or sweater.  It is a very put-together look that is supposed to be easy for the mom to throw on in the morning. 

I have been thinking lately that I should buy some cute "on the go" outfits, but the whole process is very overwhelming to me, a person who has worn my own version of the style for over ten years.  I had no idea where to start.  But I had a lightbulb moment reading 35's post.  What could be more "mom on the go" than unwashed hair?

I'm buying myself a can of Pssst!

Sorry, Stacy and Clinton! I tried, I really did!

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